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Press Day

Updated: May 5, 2021

Written By Kelly Silver

It’s only a couple of days till the show opens and today we had what’s called Press Day.  Different media outlets came to take photos, video and interview some cast members, the creative and production team.  Olivia performed I Know It’s Today. Last night they changed the blocking.  I think they felt with Olivia being so tiny she wasn’t being seen properly standing behind the balcony wall, so now she’s sitting on it.  I think it looks fabulous, but of course I worry that with last minute changes she’ll forget. No idea why I can’t just mentally let go and let her do her thing, of course she remembers.  She performed beautifully and I was a very proud mommy.  I can’t wait to see the photos and video they release. There’s a great buzz in the theater now. I love hearing the live orchestra.

It was another long day of tech, in the theater till 11pm.  It really is exhausting, the waiting for things to get done.  I’m pretty techie, but if you’re not actually doing something, it’s just a drawn out process.  We had to get more homeschooling done. It’s so hard to get the girls motivated to learn when they could be sitting front of house watching, but they have to do it.  They love sitting behind the sound board and the sound techs are very entertaining, letting them press a button to make fart noises.  How can I win against that?  I’ve told them we need to be smart about allocating the homeschooling time while we’re at the theater, so we can see as much of Istanbul when we’re not.

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