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Qatar Desert Safari

Updated: May 5, 2021

Written By Kelly Silver

We have two days off while we’re in Doha. Time to see what Qatar has to offer. Our first trip was to the desert, dune bashing.  There were a large group from the cast and crew going. Some, like us, taking the afternoon trip, while the others were staying overnight.

We were picked up in SUV’s. Five or six passengers per vehicle. The drive to the desert took about an hour.  The tour package stated that we would be able to take photos with the camels. When we got there we found that we could ride them for an extra 20 QR.  Of course we jumped on that.  Olivia and Eliana went first, so that allowed me to take some video.  They both said it was absolutely amazing! Next, my turn. I must admit, I was quite scared. I thought I was going to fall off when the camel stood up and it takes a little while to get used to the very bumpy ride. I can’t even imagine having to travel across the desert this way, but people did it. Coming down was even scarier than getting up. It was such an amazing experience. I had wanted to ride a camel when I was in Egypt, but hadn’t (not sure why).


Following our camel ride was the dune bashing. This was way better than a roller coaster. Fun, thrilling, scary, exciting, wow! The girls were giggling and screaming in the back. Clare almost lost it, she was so scared and I thought I was going to throw up the entire ride.  Every time we got to a huge dip the driver would ask if we were ready, to which the girls squealed YES! YES! FASTER!


We stopped for a break over looking Saudi Arabia.  The view was breathtaking. The cast and crew were jumping down the large dune in front of us.  Olivia joined in the fun and Eliana decided that the only way she was going down was sliding, very slowly.  My stomach was not in it’s right place, so I just watched and recovered.  We stayed there for maybe twenty minutes before getting back into the SUV for more dune bashing.

We stopped for a second time at a camp site owned by the tour company.  It wasn’t the same site the others were staying at though.  As soon as the girls saw the camp they were begging me to stay. Had I known what this camp site was like, I would’ve absolutely booked the overnight.  It brings a whole new meaning to “glamping”.  It had queen beds, tv, ensuite bathrooms and a full service restaurant.

Some of the cast and crew played a little soccer with Olivia and Eliana. We relaxed a little and it was time to go back to the hotel.

Olivia and Eliana have said this was the best day of their lives. It’s certainly up there as one of mine. We may take a desert safari again next week in Abu Dhabi instead of the water park. I figure, we have water parks in NJ, but we don’t have a desert and camel rides.

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