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Shrek Trek: A Family On Tour

Updated: May 5, 2021

Written By Kelly Silver

As I prepare to tour with my two children I have so many mixed emotions. Of course I’m extremely excited.  I wouldn’t dream of embarking on an adventure like this unless it did excite me.  For Olivia and Eliana to have these experiences at such a young age is something very few children have.  Olivia gets to live her dream performing in a professional company, in theaters around the world and in a role she loves. I mean, what young girl wouldn’t want to travel the world playing a princess? As a family we get to experience the world and I get to enjoy the view, not only through my own eyes, but my children’s.

So here’s the daunting part.  I will now be with my children ALL the time.  I will not only be fulfilling the role of mother, I will now be their teacher. Now, I know plenty of women who homeschool their children, successfully.  This is not something I would’ve ever dreamed I’d find myself doing.  Homework frustrates me.  I can only imagine the strength I’m going to have to find in myself to push through this. Of course, anyone who knows me well, knows if I’m taking on anything, not only will it get done, but I will not stop till it’s done well. I’m sure this will be the hardest part of the journey for me.

My other major concern is my own career.  Fortunately, I have a husband who can help run my business, but it does take away my own performance schedule. I will really miss performing.  It’s my own life not connected to my children and it’s fun.  Not that I forget I’m a mom when I’m out performing at night, but It’s like I have two different lives and I love that. I know I complain when I’m exhausted cause I’m running on a couple of hours sleep, but I thrive on it. I’m a little worried about losing myself and not being able to step back into that when I return.

My fears are still small compared to my excitement for the future ahead. I look forward to sharing the tour with you. To Olivia, I hope that playing Young Fiona on the Global Tour of Shrek the Musical is everything you hope it will be and to Eliana, enjoy every minute and soak it all in and please, both listen to mommy. XO

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