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We’re OK!

Updated: May 5, 2021

Written By Kelly Silver

We slept so late today, I was woken by my brother, Richard, trying to FaceTime me.  I ignored the call since I was still trying to sleep, but he called back straight away, so I knew it was important.  He told me there was an explosion by the Blue Mosque and he was checking we were ok. Luckily the girls slept so late we didn’t fit in any morning site seeing.  There were messages from the Shrek Group checking everyone was accounted for and saying that management and security would be holding a meeting to address our security going forward. The cast members playing Shrek, Donkey, Farquad, Teen Fiona and one of the three little pigs happened to go site seeing.  They were going to the Grand Bazaar and the Blue Mosque.  Fortunately, they went to the Grand Bazaar first. Everyone was accounted for and safe.  We were meant to take the shuttle later in the day, but with he heightened security they felt it better we leave with the rest of the cast for the Zorlu Center.  It’s very safe there. Metal detectors and security everywhere.

When we arrived at the Zorlu center our security explained our procedures.  Olivia was a little freaked out and doesn’t want to go to any of the sites now, especially the Grand Bazaar, but it’s hard to feel like we’re anywhere unsafe at all. The people could’t be nicer and the Zorlu center is so modern. Not at all what you picture Middle Eastern terrorists being a part of.  The cast went to rehearse and we went to eat and to see what the mall was like. It is absolutely the most beautiful and huge mall I’ve ever seen. It has an amazing playground by the photos, but despite four trips from the theater to the mall we couldn’t find it. Everyone kept directing us to an inside play center. The play center was incredible with a jungle gym, Laser Quest. Karaoke and Arcade, but we were on a mission to find the outside playground. It’s still relatively warm here.

By 5:30pm we came back to the theater and were given our dressing room/homeschooling room.  It’s lovely.  Olivia feels like a star having her own dressing room.  We managed to get the days homeschooling done.  It was so much easier in that space without distractions.  They didn’t end up needing Olivia today. We came back at 10pm, had a late dinner and retired to our room. I’m hoping to finish the “getting ready” video tonight while the girls are sleeping.

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